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Your catalog, your products, your way to buy

For superior purchasing capabilities, HP.com Business to Business is easily customized to suit multiple needs and preferences. Your configured items are instantly accessible for easy repeat ordering. Quotes can be saved for up to 30 days and easily converted to an order. The catalog can be exported via e-mail for internal distribution, or as HTML for upload to an internal web site. Processes already in place will not have to be changed. Instead, the site can be adapted to your company‘s specific internal purchasing procedures, integrating smoothly with the way you do business.

1. Global purchasing from anywhere

Available in more than 200 countries, ten languages, and 43 currencies, HP.com Business to Business delivers true global reach to your enterprise. An item can be researched in one location and language, approved in another, and ordered in a third, all from one site! Transactions flow across country and languages remain seamlessly. When accessing local catalogs, users will only see the pricing and products available for that region, securing the quotation and ordering process.

Where purchasing is managed centrally, the convenience of purchasing from multiple country catalogs within one site and conducting currency conversion on the fly, streamlines and simplifies the process.

2. Customized Catalog with Products and Pricing

Your agreed upon product offering at your negotiated prices.

Standardize your IT infrastructure, simplify support of your HP products, and reduce your overall costs by taking advantage of negotiated pricing.

3. Approval Workflow

Automatically forward purchases for approval and submission, according to your company’s workflow needs.

Streamlined purchasing requests and approvals follow your business processes.

4. Product Standards

Establish standard configurations that combine multiple products into a custom orderable bundle.

Simplifies repeat purchasing through uniform product selection for specific needs.


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Your company-specific catalog and approval workflow allow for efficient order processing and adherence to company IT standards.
•  HP.com Business to Business custom catalog
•  Customized product specifications and pricing
•  Automated purchasing processes aligned with your procurement practices
•  Quotes can be saved and easily converted to an order
•  Configured items are instantly accessible for easy repeat ordering
•  Approval Workflow processes
•  Global purchasing available in more than 200 countries, ten languages, and 43 currencies
•  Consolidate your reporting of your eProcurement solution by incorporating your HP purchases

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