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A seamless connection with your order management systems

E-Procurement Integration
If your company has made the decision to drive purchasing through your internal e-procurement system, you will benefit from the extensive experience HP has in integrating with the leading vendors such as Ariba, SAP or Oracle.

Many of our global customers are already accessing their customized HP product catalog from their desktops, making the purchasing process more efficient. As the leading integrated procurement IT supplier, HP can provide your company with the benefit of our proven and standardized methodology.

This guide provides you with further details on our deployment process and the benefits you will receive through HP.com Business to Business Integration.

Key benefits

  • Leverage your business process standardization across geographical boundaries.
  • Encourage adherence to your IT standards with a consistent catalog and pre-defined product set.
  • Increase control of your company’s purchasing activity to minimize order management costs.
  • Save time and reduce administrative errors through seamless automated ordering aligned with your established systems and processes.
  • Consolidate your reporting of your eProcurement solution by incorporating your HP purchases


  1. How it works
  2. Authentication and Security
  3. Platform Support
  4. Project Plan for deployment

1. How it works

The HP Business to Business integration server is at the heart of the solution. Built on WebMethods™ technology, it enables HP to quickly and easily connect to customers running a number of different platforms, while providing a consistent set of transactions to HP’s systems. Although your users will not realize it, the Business to Business integration server will be the single point through which you will access HP’s hosted website and submit purchase orders to HP’s fulfillment system.

The HP fulfillment system will receive the purchase order, configure (if requested) and ship the products you have ordered.

2. Authentication and security

HP’s Business to Business integration server authenticates all documents and requests it receives. The authentication process keys on unique credentials automatically sent from the customer’s e-procurement system which must authenticate with the matching unique keys on file with HP. Further, HP requires all xml transactions be encrypted using HTTPS to provide an added level of security for both HP and our customers.

Punch out to a customized site managed by HP. HP.com Business to Business Integration offers our customers with a punch out website featuring a secure customized product catalog, access to product configurators, and detailed, up to date product information.

When you punch out to your HP.com Business to Business custom catalog, you can select and configure products and bring your selections back for processing through your internal procurement system. When you choose this option, you get a more robust user experience enhanced with an:

  • Easy to use HP catalog layout and search functionality
  • Detailed product information and specs
  • Online product configuration
  • Availability in more than ten languages
  • Support for centralized purchasing

3. Platform Support

We have experience integrating with more than a dozen e-procurement platforms. HP’s support includes actively monitoring key e-procurement platform vendor’s roadmaps and providing input to guide those vendors’ future enhancements to ensure that your HP.com Business to Business Integration is in lockstep with your e-procurement platform. HP’s customer integrations have included the following platforms:

  • Ariba (HP-Ariba web site)
  • Data Stream
  • Lawson
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • SAP
  • Perfect Commerce (marketplace)
  • Quadrem (marketplace)
  • CC-Hubwoo (marketplace)

If you have a platform that is not listed above, it could be supported as a custom deployment. However, we regularly add support for new platforms. Check with your account manager or HP.com Business to Business consultant for the current support status on your preferred platform or to see if your particular platform can be supported using one of the industry standard technologies we employ.
These industry-standard technologies include:

  • cXML
  • xCBL
  • OCI
  • EDI (ANSi x.12 or EDIFACT)
  • Rosettanet
  • CIF
  • OAG

HP has extensive experience integrating with the leading e-procurement vendors. HP is proud to be one of the first AribaReady suppliers, an Ariba Advantage Partner, a charter member of Oracle’s Supplier Advisory Board and certified as an OCNP by SAP. These recognitions and certifications clearly demonstrate our ability to confidently integrate with our partner’s platforms successfully.

4. Project Plan for deployment

The Business to Business Integration solution, built on a compliment of HP and customer systems, efficiently supports each step in the buying process.

  1. To begin shopping, the user logs on to your internal procurement system.
  2. The user begins to shop in either:
    A. the HP-managed punch out website, or
    B. the customer-hosted static catalog.
  3. Once the user has selected the products they wish to buy, your internal system routes the request for the appropriate approvals.
  4. Once approved, the request becomes a purchase order and is submitted to HP.
  5. HP receives the purchase order, configures the product (if required) and ships the order.
  6. HP sends an invoice for the shipped order, which is available via EDI. The user may access reporting and spending data from your internal system.
  7. The order of new HP product arrives at the user’s site.

Integration with your custom e-procurement systems can be implemented for qualifying accounts but may require incremental development. The process is the same as outlined for a standard deployment, however the discovery, qualification, implementation and testing phases are extended due to an increased level of analysis and development needed. In order to facilitate the analysis phase, the customer will need to provide sample XML documents for punch out set-up request and purchase order.

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As the world's leading integrated procurement supplier, HP has the experience you can count on.
•  Seamless connection to your internal e-procurement system
•  Choose from "static" customer-hosted catalog or "punchout" to a customized HP.com Business to Business site
•  Available globally with all leading e-procurement solutions: Ariba, SAP, ORACLE, Data Stream, Lawson, PeopleSoft
•  Industry-standard technologies: OCI, Resettanet, CUP / PUP, EDI, cXML, OAG, xCBL and CIF

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