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Flexibility that delivers more productivity and profitability

HP.com Business to Business is the easiest, most efficient way to manage your business relationship with HP worldwide. Adapted to each customer's unique needs, HP.com Business to Business provides complete capabilities and access to key information and e-commerce tools required by enterprise customers.

Whether through a quick-access customized website or complete integration into your internal e-procurement systems, HP.com Business to Business addresses a wide range of business requirements with high flexibility and accountability with a host of cost and time-saving features.

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"HP delivers more of
  what enterprise
  customers demand -
  more efficiency, global
  availability and a better
  return on IT investment all
  on one site."

Feature 1: Information


Quick access to the tools and information you need to do business with HP

•  Customized product and references information
•  Parts catalog with detail description and diagrams
•  Product warranties and services information
•  Online collaboration and Support tools
•  Product lifecycle roadmaps, general product information and other key documents can be posted by your HP account team
•  Account team contact information and message board serves as the main communications arena for users and HP contacts.
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"Exactly what you
  need to know,
  when you want
  to know it"

Feature 2: Purchasing


Your company-specific catalog and approval workflow allow for efficient order processing and adherence to company IT standards.

•  HP.com Business to Business custom catalog
•  Customized product specifications and pricing
•  Automated purchasing processes aligned with your procurement practices
•  Quotes can be saved and easily converted to an order
•  Configured items are instantly accessible for easy repeat ordering
•  Approval Workflow processes
•  Global purchasing available in more than 200 countries, ten languages, and 43 currencies
•  Consolidate your reporting of your eProcurement solution by incorporating your HP purchases
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"Your catalog,
  Your products,
  Your way to buy"

Feature 3: Order Status and Reporting


Order Status and Reporting is an easy-to-use, Web-based tool that provides accurate and up-to-date information on your HP orders from the time of order validation through final delivery

•  All orders can be tracked anytime with HP, whether placed online, by phone, or by fax.
•  Order reports are completely customizable by the user. (over 100 different fields)
•  Global order status and order reporting is available through user-defined or standard pre-defined report formats.
•  You can receive customized email alerts on changes in your order status.
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"Superior reporting
  for more informed

Feature 4: E-procurement Integration


As the world's leading integrated procurement supplier, HP has the experience you can count on.

•  Seamless connection to your internal e-procurement system
•  Choose from "static" customer-hosted catalog or "punchout" to a customized HP.com Business to Business site
•  Available globally with all leading e-procurement solutions: Ariba, Commerce One, Data Stream, i2/Rightworks, Lawson, Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP
•  Industry-standard technologies: OCI, RosettaNet, CUP / PUP, EDI, xXML, OAG, xCBL and CIF
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"A seamless
  connection with your
  order management
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